Analytic Dashboard for Lending Market and AMM


    As part of Interlay’s mission to unlock Bitcoin's full potential in a decentralized ecosystem, we offer a grants program focused on **funding software development and research efforts related to Interlay and Kintsugi**. Our focus mainly lies on strong **technical** projects that add value to the ecosystem.

    Interlay Grants will be awarded to teams and individuals who bring value-added projects to Interlay, **creating a strong community of incentivized tech contributors.** 

Problem & Solution

Interlay is launching a lending market as well as our own AMM. An analytic dashboard is an important feature for users and developers of Interlay 2.0. This RFP looks for applicants to create an analytic dashboard providing data and visualisations for the lending protocol and AMM on Interlay and Kintsugi.

Product Requirement

We have a stats page that you can build on:


Must-have Features


The dashboard must contain a glossary that explains what each metric represents and how it is computed (if applicable). See the example below as guidance:


Single Point Data